The Synergy Clubs International Foundation is the official institution of the Synergy Clubs.

Its mission is to support, provide help, hope and solutions for the development of projects that occupy the clubs it hosts, so that they can serve their local communities. The Synergy Clubs International Foundation projects the work of members, receives resources and awards grants to help fund humanitarian works and activities that meet social needs.

It is the international charitable arm, driving the development and implementation of effective community services and leadership programs worldwide.

With the support of Synergy Clubs International Foundation clubs can tackle global problems such as breast cancer or other cancers, hearing loss, Parkinson’s or rare diseases. We seek tirelessly to improve the health of children and adults around the world and we do so through specialized health programs and the financial support of concrete campaigns.

The social work carried out by the clubs is very broad and diversified. It is not only based on carrying out direct activities, but they also endorse other organizations that make efforts aimed at the assistance, rehabilitation or social insertion of victims of poverty and exclusion. With special emphasis on the promotion and denunciation of the causes that generate these situations.

 From practical service projects to emergency relief distribution, our community and environmental programs improve our communities and protect our environment.

Synergy Clubs International Foundation works for society to enjoy a healthier and more productive life, cultivates the potential of young people, promotes health, supports culture, develops charitable and philanthropic activities, supports scientific research and artificial intelligence, and collaborates with the opening of Houses of Life.

Every time a club is formed, the problems seem smaller… and the communities get better. We try to get our help to where it is needed and we are able to meet the specific needs of the communities where we live, and because we have a presence in different parts of the world we can deal with challenges that cross borders.

It is run by dedicated volunteer leaders, who have a clear mission:

  • raise public awareness
  • raise funds to finance programs
  • promote the validity of the project.

We want everyone to see a better future, that’s why we support services and programs that we believe in, because we believe that everyone deserves a dignified, full and healthy life.