Synergy Clubs is about solving problems as complex as psychological and emotional support to breast cancer patients through their “Homes of Life”, or their toll-free helpline for women with that disease. In addition, it takes an active part in helping many other diseases, both at the level of research and collaboration with patients.

Today, its members focus their attention on meeting the growing needs of global society. Our programs are constantly changing to adapt to different and growing demands.

To improve the quality of life in their communities, carrying out cultural, social, philanthropic, assistance, business initiatives and carrying out programs that make the lives of their neighbors more pleasant.

All over the world, Synergy Clubs concentrate people who have in common their good will at the service of an altruistic cause. Mitigating suffering, alleviating illness, providing help to the most needy groups, fighting against social inequalities and the negligence of those in power, facing emergency situations, offering opportunities to those who do not have them, serving as social conscience and lobbies of pressure and influence where it is necessary to make themselves heard, encouraging people’s concern to grow and seek new things, making contributions to research and development, providing improvements. In other words: “Synergy Clubs aims to achieve a world full of opportunities for healing, growth, redemption and development.