What do we want to achieve with Synergy Clubs?

Our motto is “WE GENERATE SYNERGIES AND CHANGE THE WORLD”. Synergy women and men turn over their individual potential and unite it to form a collective one, with which to increase service impact and increase the number of global causes in which to collaborate.

Synergy men and women offer to invest their time, their knowledge, their enthusiasm, their hope and their pro-activism to solve humanitarian causes, make scientific advances, promote social development, disseminate knowledge, carry out medical research, face emergency situations, offer opportunities, pursue injustice and collaborate with personal growth.

 Through cooperation and the union of synergies they want to create strong, prosperous and advanced communities all over the world.

We are the result of our work and effort. We are born, we develop activity, we make transcendental decisions and we look to the past to build the future.

We represent the SINERGIA and the consequence of all the people who have crossed our path, helping us to be what we are, a new, renewed, global and service Organization.