Synergy Clubs International makes a firm commitment to enter the field of artificial intelligence by linking it to its philanthropic and humanitarian projects.

AI will make it possible for machines to learn from the experience gained, adjusting to new inputs and performing tasks in the same way as humans.

Most examples of artificial intelligence, from computers that play chess to cars that drive by themselves, are based on deep learning and natural language processing. Through the use of these technologies, computers can be trained to perform specific tasks, processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in them. Imagine if all this potential is turned over to the medical and/or scientific field, it is applied to solve complex processes linked to new fields in medicine, to the discovery of new techniques, or to the reduction of waiting times in medical analysis and tests. The explanation of our interest and involvement is clear.

Another great professional who collaborates with Synergy Clubs is Javier Ideami. Founder of Ideami Studios, multidisciplinary creative director, engineer, artist and businessman with studies in both the creative and technical fields, Javier’s projects and talks have taken him from Silicon Valley to the Bali jungle, including Stanford University and UC Berkeley, the FAO headquarters of the United Nations, the London financial center, the International Conference on Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin and many others. He has been working for years combining technology, media, business, art and science, receiving numerous awards for his work in different disciplines.

Javier gives master classes in art, creativity and technology all over the world. He often gives lectures based on his experience and projects (e.g. at Stanford University in California, or in Sicily (Italy)).

Ideami is also the founder of the TORCH methodology and ecosystem, which combines unique tools and multiple creative disciplines to help balance the analytical and intuitive skills of employees and managers, as well as learn new strategies for creating and incubating novel ideas for businesses.

He is the creator of many metaphors related to creativity, such as “The principle of the torch”, “The elevators of depth” and “The subconscious pot“.

In November 2014, the Cultural Diplomacy Conference in Berlin, parallel to the Berlin Economic Forum recognized the career of Javier Ideami inviting him to give a speech along with presidents and personalities from around the world.

Synergy Clubs International is proud that these two personalities collaborate actively in many of Synergy Club’s projects, strengthening its growth and development to become the first Service Organization 4.0 and 360 degrees.