Synergy Clubs International is an organization born and developed in Gijón, Principado de Asturias, Spain, in 2019.

It arises from the evolution of a simple local club or association, founded in 2004, and months later reorganized and converted into a foundation, the Lions Club Gijón Foundation. This institution was formed by a group of like-minded people, based on a message of civil society empowerment, fellowship, knowledge and service to others. A decade and a half after its birth, its members concluded that a change was necessary in order to continue its work, so this group of restless friends, enthusiasts and synergy generators bet on the formation of Synergy Clubs International.

From day one, the members of Synergy Clubs International were aware of three things:

     The objectives they pursued: aid, development, growth and social equality.

     The need to welcome multidisciplinary members in order to generate synergies and to be able to carry out projects of all kinds, both locally and globally.

     The importance of forming headquarters in the greatest number of points possible (the Synergy Club), in order to be able to cover the greatest number of needs in a close and effective way.

There are no limits when it comes to trying to make this world a more comfortable, less hostile and more supportive place. Synergy Clubs International is a large-scale movement that seeks to transform the lives of others through volunteers working together, making changes to make life better.

We start from the need of the human being to help others to prosper in life and feel fulfilled.